• Using extended football score information in triggers
    This example shows how to use information about yellow/red cards, corners and match half in your triggers.
  • Limiting the number of simultaneous market entries
    This example shows how to put a limit on the number of markets your trigger enters simultaneously.
  • Setting Target Profit and Maximum Loss for your triggered betting session
    This is a one-size-fits-all solution for setting the target profit and/or the maximum loss after which your triggers will stop betting until you reload them next time. The example contains some actionable advice as to how incorporate the triggers into your existing trigger file.
  • Feeding all markets' prices to Excel
    Did you know you can use MarketFeeder Pro to feed all markets' prices to an Excel sheet at regular intervals?
  • Writing market data to a CSV file
    Use MarketFeeder Pro to create and update a CSV text file which you can later import into Excel or other tools.
  • Waiting after a trigger has fired
    How to do an action (e.g. place a bet), then wait for a fixed amount of time, then do something else (or the same thing again).
  • Keeping a bet at the best available price on the opposite side
    These triggers will keep your bet at the best price available in the opposite side of the market. It is assumed that before the triggers set into action, you will place either a back or a lay bet on a selection of your choice, and that bet stays unmatched.
  • Checking the change in price over a long period of time
    It is very costly to have a market history depth of several hours, which means keeping hundreds of Megabytes in memory, especially when you intend to monitor tens of markets
  • Sending SMS with the fav's info
    You can make MF Pro send you an SMS at 5 mins before the off with some details about the favourite runner.
  • Betting on the selections with three highest volume percentages
    Bet (either back or lay) on the three selections with the highest volume percentages (highest market share).
  • Fill-or-kill and ways to make sure a bet is matched
    This is an example on how to make sure your bet is fully matched, plus to implement the "Fill-or-kill" rule.
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