Terms and conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. WellDone Creative Software ("WellDone") provides the use and support of MarketFeeder ("Software") to "Customer" under the following Terms and Condition.
  2. Use of Software
    1. The software is given “as is”, with no warranty of its 100% stability.
    2. Your computer configuration, operation system and installed software must comply with Software System Requirements.
    3. Customer must be a registered user of BetFair online exchange before she starts using Software. Customer must agree to BetFair’s Terms and Conditions listed on their web site.
  3. Refund Policy
    1. Refunds are only possible if the software is not working as it should be according to its description and/or help file. Possible grounds for a refund are: errors, bugs, inability to work on a computer that satisfies ALL system requirements of the product. In this case WellDone reserve a right to investigate the matter within 3 days since the day of purchase.
    2. Refund is impossible if Customer has previously had a trial of Software.
    3. No claims are accepted more than 3 days after the purchase.
  4. Responsibility of Customer
    1. Customer is responsible for any incidental or/and special damage, modifications or amendments that she may do to Software.
    2. Customer is responsible for running any kind of third-party software and/or service that may prevent Software from working. These may include anti-virus, firewall, proxy, content-analyzing software and hardware.
    3. Customer is responsible for the change of her system configuration that may lead to Software’s inability to function.
    4. Customer is responsible for complying with her local laws, authorities’ instructions and other directives that may prohibit and/or partly block BetFair’s or Software’s functioning.
    5. Customer is responsible for keeping the serial key and other software-related confidential materials in secret and not reveal them to anyone else.
  5. Responsibility of WellDone
    1. WellDone is responsible for detecting and eliminating errors in Software. The aforesaid errors can be of the following nature: initial source code flaw, incompatibility with computers satisfying System Requirements or/and modifications in BetFair API.
    2. WellDone is also responsible for giving free support of Customer in case she has problems with operating the software after Customer has read the help file and followed the necessary instructions.
  6. Liability
    1. WellDone will not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential loss in connection with or arising out of these terms and conditions or Customer’s use of Software or/and this web site (including loss of revenue, profits, use, data or other economic advantage).
    2. WellDone will not be liable for the suspension, termination, cancellation of Customer's BetFair account as a result of their breach of BetFair's Terms and Conditions during the use of Software. Reference is made to Article 6 "Cancellation, Termination, Suspension and Breach" of Account Terms and Condition of Use for BetFair users, specifically:
      "We may restrict your access to Betfair, suspend or terminate your account, withdraw your offers for bets, void any bets outstanding to your account, cancel any unmatched bets or cancel and void any outstanding or matched bets in our absolute discretion without cause at any time including if:
      i. there is a technological failure;
      ii. we suspect that you are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity;
      iii. we suspect that you have (or may have) breached any part of this Agreement;
      iv. we suspect you are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the conduct of our business or which may result in legal liability for you, us or third parties;
      v. we suspect that your account’s ‘public market data’ usage (‘public market data’ includes market prices, traded Volumes and market depth) could represent ‘business usage’ (‘business usage’ includes any use by a betting operator or any use by an individual or organisation supplying data or services to a betting operator);
      vi. we suspect that you may be having difficulties obtaining credit;
      vii. we have the right to do so as set out in our Exchange Rules and Regulations, Sportsbook Rules and Regulations;.
      viii. you are prohibited from entering into a bet by any term of your contract of employment or any rule of a sport governing body or other professional body which applies to you; or
      ix. you place a bet on any sporting match or event in which you take part."
      You should be aware that any customer who has been restricted due to the above clause will be contacted directly by e-mail to notify them that a restriction has been placed on their account.
  7. Intellectual Property Rights
    1. All intellectual property rights including interface, forms, design, text, source code, articles and web site content belong to WellDone. Customer may not distribute the subjects of intellectual property without a written permission from WellDone.
  8. Failure to Comply
    1. WellDone accepts no liability for any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions where such failure is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  9. Changes to the Service and Amendments to These Terms and Conditions
    1. Any amendments to these terms and conditions will be published on our web site. Changes will be notified by e-mail to customers wherever possible, but it remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are aware of the correct, current terms and conditions.
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